Nico Young



  • Nico Young has JORC 2012 compliant Resources at 0.5% Ni Cut-off
  • Mineral Resources are held in two Exploration Licences – EL5527 “Ardnaree” and EL5571 “Thuddungra”
  • Mineralisation is associated with laterite enrichments of nickel and cobalt
  • Jervois has completed more than 14,000m of drilling Nico Young over the past 20 years
  • A Preliminary Economic Assessment for Nico Young was completed on 24 May 2019 with positive results for future development potential.
  • Upon project financing close, Jervois expects a four-year construction period with commissioning to start after two years
  • Nico Young to be fully funded by third parties up to construction
  • Active partnering, off-take process underway
  • Nico Young provides an attractive opportunity for development at higher metal prices
  • Significant exposure to rising nickel and cobalt prices

Nico Young is a nickel and cobalt deposit located 25km northwest of Young, New South Wales, Australia. Nico Young comprises two distinct bodies of mineralisation held under separate but adjacent exploration licenses: “Ardnaree” and “Thuddungra”. Both resources are large, shallow, flat-lying structures amenable to low-strip, open-pit mining.

Jervois has rapidly developed Nico Young into a core asset, with cobalt-nickel resources becoming increasing valuable as demand of lithium-ion batteries for a range of products including electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow.

Nico Young is well positioned and serviced by existing infrastructure including rail, road, power and natural gas. The deposit is 300km from export facilities at Wollongong and 15km from existing rail loading facilities.

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